Question: How do students use my website?


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One Palms teacher puts her daily assignment on her web page, then uses her smartboard to display that web page for students, who copy down the information. No more writing on the whiteboard by hand!

Most students will visit your website at the start of the school year to see what is there. They'll see the online version of your syllabus, the list of supplies they need, and the other information you have posted. If you provide a link to their online textbook, they can bookmark it. If you provide a list of links to resources they might find interesting, they may look them over or remember them for later.

Your website gives you an easy way to communicate with your students. If students get in the habit of looking for information such as assignment due dates there, you may find that they are more aware of the schedule and have fewer excuses to say "I didn't know."

How often students return to your website depends mostly on how often you update it. Examples:

Students who are absent may check your website from home. If you post assignments and let students download assignment sheets, absent students may be able to do their assignment on time rather than waiting to get the assignment when they return to school.

Even if you don't update your website regularly, students may return to it once in a while to look something up, e.g., when your conference period is or what your homework policy is after a school absence. Don't be surprised if a student checks your website from the School Library or while using a computer in another classroom!

Even though students can talk to you in class each day, soem of them may use the School Loop message system to send you messages. They use a form on the website to send a message, which you'll recieve by email. If you don't want students to contact you this way, or if you have a policy about when they can do so (e.g., during an absence), let them know.

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