Question: Can strangers see my website?


Anyone on the Internet can visit any public website, including the Palms website.

Sometimes this is a benefit. Elementary school parents who are interested in having their child attend Palms frequently visit our website, learn what makes Palms a great school, and look at a sample of teacher websites to get an idea of what our students learn.

Given the nature of the Internet, people who have no connection with Palms may also visit our website. That's why we take the common-sense precaution to get parental permission before posting photos or videos in which a student is featured and easily identified.

Anyone may use the School Loop message form to send a message to a staff member. It's possible that staff members will get "spam" messages, the same type of annoying ads people typically get with other email accounts. If so, this junk mail can be ignored or deleted. If you receive a clearly inappropriate message submitted through the Palms website, report it to an Assistant Principal.

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