Question: How do parents use my website?


Share Your Ideas!

Include the address of your website in paperwork that you send home to parents. Example:

Visit my website:

Share Your Ideas!

Ms. West's website includes a page for Parent Volunteers.

Parents, not just students, will visit your website. Many parents will read whatever you have posted at the start of the school year, making note of your conference period and contact information, so you should update your website as soon as possible as school starts, and anytime the information changes.

Tell parents your website address on Back to School Night and at other school events.

Although students take home your syllabus to have it signed, only one parent may see it while the other may not. Luckily, both parents can refer to your syllabus on your website.

If you are specific about how parents can help their students do well in school, your website can keep them more directly involved. If you've posted your biography and/or photo, they'll probably be interested in it and feel that they're already getting to know you.

If you have a wishlist of classroom items, post it on your website to increase your chance of getting donations. Point out your wishlist page on Back to School Night and make sure you keep the list up-to-date.

Just as students watch for news and assignments if you post them regularly, some parents will use your website to follow the progress of your class.

If you post password-protected student grades, parents will be especially likely to check them. Let parents know how often you plan to update the online grades. Note that MiSiS, once fully adopted, is expected to give parents access to grades.

Parents will use the School Loop message system to send you messages. They use a form on the website to send a message, which you'll recieve by email.

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