Question: What are all those toolbar icons?


StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 As in a word processor there is a toolbar with many icons that control text styles and formats. School Loop changes these icons, and their arrangement, from time to time.

They mistakenly removed the Source icon in Summer 2015, but they plan to add it back.
2 Move the mouse to hover over an icon and a pop-up will tell you what the icon is.

A pop-up box will tell you what the icon is for.
3 To use most of the tools you select some text and then click the icon to apply it to the selected text. A few tools insert text at the current position (where you last clicked or typed). A few apply to the paragraph that contains the current position.  

Here is a list of the toolbar tools. The most commonly used tools have their names in bold.

Toolbar toolDescriptionSelect text first?
StyleSet the selected text to a predefined style.Yes
FontSet the font of the selected text.Yes
SizeSet the size of selected text. Normal text is size 14, so it's best to stay near that size.Yes
BoldMake the selected text bold.Yes
ItalicMake the selected text italic.Yes
UnderlineUnderline the selected text. It's best to avoid this since people usually assume that underlined text indicates a clickable link.Yes
StrikeoutCross out the selected text.Yes
SubscriptLower and shrink the selected text.Yes
SuperscriptRaise and shrink the selected text.Yes
UndoReverse the previous action or undo the latest change to the text.No
RedoUsed after Undo to "undo the undo".No
Remove FormatUndo formatting of the selected text. If text styling has gotten "messed up" you can select the text, remove the foramtting, and start over.Yes
FindOpens the Find and Replace box.No
ReplaceOpens the Find and Replace box.No
Insert/Remove Numbered ListChange the selected lines to a list numbered 1, 2, 3. If it's already a numbered list, remove the numbers.Yes
Insert/Remove Bulleted ListChange the selected lines to a list with bullets. If it's already a bulleted list, remove the bullets.Yes
Decrease IndentShift the selected text left, if it's previously been shifted right.Yes
Increase IndentShift the selected text right.Yes
Block QuoteSupposed to shift the selected text right, but doesn't work due to a bug in School Loop.Yes
Left JustifyLeft-justify the current paragraph.No
Center JustifyCenter the current paragraph.No
Right JustifyRight-justify the current paragraph.No
Block JustifyJustify the current paragraph to both left and right margins.No
Text ColorSet the color of the selected text.Yes
Background ColorSet the background color of the selected text.Yes
Insert Special CharacterOpen a window where you can pick special characters and symbols, such as a bullet, arrow, copyright symbol, or accented letter.No
Insert Horizontal LineInsert a wide line at the current position.No
LinkTurn the selected text into a link to a web page, downloadable file, or email address.Yes
UnlinkRemove the previously set link from the selected text.Yes
AnchorInsert a "named anchor" at the current position. This is an advanced web technique used to let links go to a particular place on a web page.No
ImageInsert an image, selected from one of your albums, at the current position.No
TableInsert a table at the current position. You'll be asked for the number of rows and columns and other table settings, all of which you can change later. We recommend that you set Cell padding to 5.No
SourceShow the raw web code, called HTML. This is for advanced users and lets you make changes to the content that you couldn't make using the toolbar tools.No
MaximizeChange the text area to the full window, so you have more room to enter and edit text. Click the icon again to return to the normal editing window.No

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