Question: What if the text doesn't fit on my web page?


Web pages can be as tall as you like, so technically you never run out of space. However, pages can be hard to read if they contain a huge amount of text.

Here are five ways to handle large amounts of text:

  1. Add more web pages. Your website can have as many pages as you like. For example, instead of putting information about your regular class and your honors class on the same web page, use separate web pages for each of them.
  2. Change the column layout. You can control the number of columns and their widths on each of your web page. See the Designing a web page section.
  3. Make the text smaller by using the Size drop-down list on the text editing toolbar.
  4. Put the text in a document and make the document downloadable from a link on your web page. For example, instead of reading a long bibliography on your web page students could download it and read it on their computer or print it out. See the Files and Documents and PDF files sections.
  5. Summarize. If the information is already available in the classroom, put the main points on your web page and explain where to find the rest of the information.

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