Question: How do I edit the text on one of my web pages?


StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Log into School Loop and click your web page name to go to your web page.  
2 If the text you want to edit is not on your main web page, click the appropriate page name, e.g., Wishlist.  
3 Click the pencil icon above the text you want to edit. It's a common mistake to click the green plus sign instead. If you do you'll be prompted to create a new element. Click the X to cancel.
4 Edit the text. Use the toolbar icons if you want special effects or links in the text. Move the mouse to hover over an icon and a pop-up will tell you what the icon is.
5 If you make minor mistakes, click the Undo icon.  
6 If you like the result, click Save & Exit.

If the text was messed up and you can't fix it, click Cancel.
7 The text element will have the orange "changed" color. The new text will not appear on your web page until you Publish the page.  

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