Question: What are the two types of slideshows?


Several years ago, School Loop changed the interface for creating and editing slideshows. They still support the old type as well as the new type. Once a slideshow is on your web page, visitors to your site will see roughly the same thing with either type of slideshow, namely a set of pictures that changes in place. The primary difference between old slideshows and new slideshows has more to do with how a slideshow looks to you when you are editing your web page. There are also different slideshow-display options.

With the old type of slideshow, the slideshow editor displays the slideshow pictures in a vertical list. To reorder the pictures, you click up-down arrows that shift a picture one position at a time. You can display pictures of different shapes, and they are cropped to a height you specify.

With the new type of slideshow, which School Loop calls "enhanced", the slideshow editor displays tiny thumbnail images in horizontal rows, and lets you drag and drop pictures to reorder them. It may be hard to distinguish similar-looking pictures because of the small thumbnail size. All pictures are scaled and cropped to the same proportions ("aspect ratio"), e.g., a square shape or a 4x3 shape.

Which type should I use?

You don't have much choice. All new slideshows you create are the new type. If you already have an old-type slideshow on one of your web pages, you can continue to edit it, but if you delete it you won't be able to create it as the old type again.

You can change old-type slideshows to the new type by clicking the pencil to edit a slideshow, then clicking "Upgrade your old slideshows now." at the top of the editor. This is probably worth doing because School Loop may stop allowing the old type of slideshow in the future.

School Loop says that you should not combine old-type and new-type slideshows on the same web page. Apparently, the new type won't work properly if there are old-type slideshows on the same page.

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