Question: What if my web page doesn't appear on my portal page or my web page won't load correctly?


This is a common problem, calling "stalling", that happens when:

  1. The School Loop website is slow or unresponsive.
  2. The LAUSD network at school isn't letting enough data through the network.

When you are on campus, problem #2 is unfortunately common because LAUSD has not given us a high-performance network with the capacity we need. If other teachers are using ISIS, School Loop, or other activities on the Internet, the school network can't always handle it all.

The Symptom

When your School Loop session stalls on the portal page, you'll notice that your name is missing under the "Create Your Websites" heading, and your web browser will appear to be loading the page without progress.

When your School Loop session stalls on one of your web pages, the page may not finish loading or you may see a dark set of page elements.

The solution

Any of the following tricks may help you get past a stall:

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