Question: How do I upload a picture to an album?


"Pictures" you can upload to an album include photos, clipart, screenshots, and other types of graphics. Upload them if you plan to use them in a slideshow, use them next to text, or use them in multiple places on your website.

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Click the Resource Files button at the top of the your web page.  
2 You will see your albums, i.e., Clipart, Photos, and any other albums you have created.

Click the Add Images link under one of your albums.
To create a new album for your picture instead, click the Add Album button and give your new album a title.
3 You will see the Upload Image to Album page.

Click the Select File button and navigate to the picture you want to upload to your web page.

Put a short description of the picture in the Title field. This is the name that site visitors will see if you put the picture in a slideshow and pick the Show Image Titles slideshow option.

It's a nice habit to fill in the ALT Tag/Description field. It's what blind people hear if you use this picture and they use software that reads them web pages.
4 Click the Submit button. If you change your mind about uploading the picture, click the Cancel button.
5 The picture will be added to your album. To review the pictures in an album, click the album's picture.

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