Question: What size should an image be?


Large image files, such as high-resolution photos, are too wide to fit in a column on your web page. School Loop can scale them to fit the page, but your web pages will load more slowly, with no benefit. To avoid this problem, it's smart to resize large images before uploading them to your website.

The ideal size depends on the width of the column where you will display the image.

If the image will be by itself in the column, or above or below text, then it can be as wide as the column.
If the image be on the left or right side of a paragraph, so the text wraps around the image, then the image should be less than half of the width of the column.

Column widths for a page with one wide column and one skinny column:

Column widths for a page with one very wide column:

Column widths for a page with two even columns:

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