Question: How do I get permission to put a student's name or photo on my web page?


LAUSD requires that we have a parent's permission before putting information about a student on the school website.

This applies when the student's full name is used or when the student is individually recognizable in a photo or video. It's not an issue if the student's face is obscured or they are in a group photo or a crowd shot.

We usually leave it to school staff and Friends of Palms officers and committee chairs to check that we have permission before sending us photos. But if you take photos of a student yourself or acquire a photo by other means you may need to check that we have permission to use it.

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Go to the Photo Authorization Form page on the Palms website.    
2 Download the Authorization and Release Form folder or tell the student or parent to do so. They fill it out and turn it into the Main Office.

If they tell you that they already turned one in, or you learn that it's already in the collection in the Main Office, they don't need to fill it out again.
3 Only after you know that the form has been filed in the Student Services office can you use the student's name or photo or the website.    

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