Question: How do I put a picture on my web page? - Picture alone (quicker method)


You can put pictures (photos, clipart, or other graphics) anywhere on your web page.

We recommend that you upload pictures to albums before putting them on your web page (see What are the three ways to put pictures on my web pages?), but this method takes fewer steps. You won't be able to choose the size, use the same picture again later, use an animated gif file, or include the picture in slideshows.

Before uploading a large photo, it's best to resize it, because otherwise it will load slowly when people view the page. Choose a width of 700 pixels or less for a one-column page. Choose a width of 400 or less for a multi-column page. To resize an image on a PC you can use the Paint utility. On a Mac you can use the Preview utility.

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Decide where on the page you want the picture to appear.

Click the plus-sign icon in that position.
2 Choose Picture from the Element Gallery. If you change your mind about putting a picture on your web page, click the x in the top right corner.
3 You'll see the Upload a Photo page.

Click the Select File button and navigate to the picture you want to upload to your web page.

The Title is optional. If you fill in a title it will appear above the photo.

It's a nice habit to fill in the ALT Tag/Description field. It's what blind people hear if they use software that reads them web pages.
Despite the page title, the picture you upload doesn't have to be a photo.
4 Click the Save & Exit button. If you change your mind about putting the picture on your web page, click the Cancel button to return to your web page, and then click the trash-can icon to remove the picture element from your web page.
5 The picture element will be added to your web page. To add a title above the photo after the fact, or to change which picture appears, click the pencil icon above the photo.

To add text under the picture, add a separate rich text element underneath by clicking the plus-sign below the picture.
6 To make the picture visible to site visitors, click the Publish button at the top of the page. If you change your mind about having the picture on your web page, click the trash-can icon above the picture, or click Cancel to discard all change you've made to this web page.

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