Question: How do I put a picture on my web page? - Picture alone (recommended method)


You can put pictures (photos, clipart, or other graphics) anywhere on your web page.

Before uploading a large photo, it's best to resize it, because otherwise it will load slowly when people view the page. Choose a width of 700 pixels or less for a one-column page. Choose a width of 400 or less for a multi-column page. To resize an image on a PC you can use the Paint utility. On a Mac you can use the Preview utility. See What size should an image be?

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Upload the picture to one of your albums. See How do I upload a picture to an album?    
2 Add or edit a rich text element. See How do I add a page element?

Click in the empty text area.

Click the Center icon in the toolbar, to center the picture left-right.

3 Click the picture icon in the toolbar.  
4 You will see the Select an Album page. Click the album that contains the picture you uploaded, e.g., Clipart, Photos, or another album you've created. If you change your mind, click the x in the top right corner.
5 You will see the pictures in the album you selected. Click the one you want. If you change your mind, click the x in the top right corner.
6 You will see the picture you selected and some picture settings.

Click Fixed size to see the image's width and height.

If the width is bigger than what should be displayed, use either of the two ways to make it smaller:
  1. Click 100% width. School Loop will use the appropriate width to make the picture fit the column.
  2. Enter a smaller Width number. 250 to 450 may be a good choice depending on the width of the column. School Loop will automatically adjust the Height.
Since there is no text around the picture, set the Horizontal Padding and Vertical Padding to 0.

Set the Align drop-down box to <not set>.
If you change your mind, click the x in the top right corner.
7 Click the Select or Update button.

The picture will appear in your rich text element.

If the appearance is wrong (too small, too big), right-click the picture, choose Edit, and change the settings.
Another choice is to click the picture so it highlights, press the delete key, and start over at Step 3.
8 School Loop leaves a blank line below the picture, so tap delete on your keyboard to remove it.    
9 Click the Save & Exit button.

The picture will appear on your web page.
10 To make the text and picture visible to site visitors, click the Publish button at the top of the page. If you change your mind about having the picture on your web page, click the trash-can icon above the picture, or click Cancel to discard all change you've made to this web page.

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