Question: What are albums?


An album is a collection of pictures stored on your School Loop account. You can think of it as a folder that's stored on your website behind the scenes. Pictures in albums don't appear on your website unless you specifically put them on a web page, so putting them in albums is only a preparatory step.

You can upload any types of picture files (photos, clipart, screenshots, or other graphics) and organize them into albums. By default, your School Loop account has an album named Clipart for small cartoon-like graphics and an album named Photos for photographs. You can add other albums, rename or remove albums, and add or remove the pictures in each album.

The words "pictures" and "images" mean the same thing, and School Loop sometimes calls them "photos" even if they aren't photographs.

The pictures in albums are used in two ways:

  1. In slideshows. See How do I set up a slideshow?
  2. In text elements, typically placed next to text, e.g., a calendar icon next to the description of an event. See How do I put a picture next to text?

You do not need to put a picture in an album if you will use the picture only once, by itself, on a web page, because for such cases you can upload the picture when you are ready to use it on the page.

To work with albums

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Click the Resource Files button at the top of your any of your web pages.  
2 Click the Add Album button to add a new album.

Click the Delete Album link to remove an album and all the pictures in it.

Click the Edit Name link to rename an album.

Click the Add Images link to add new pictures to an album.
You can keep all pictures in a single album if you like, or organize them into albums in any way that's useful to you.
3 When viewing an album, click the Add Images button to an another picture to the album.

Click the Edit link to change a picture or its name.

Click the Delete link to remove a picture from an album.
It's harmless to leave pictures in albums even if you aren't sure that you'll need them in the future.

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