Question: How can I create a PDF file from a printed document?


If you have a copy of the original document in your computer, it's better to convert the file into a PDF rather than scan the printed version. See How can I create a PDF file on a Windows PC? or How can I create a PDF file on a Mac?.

If you have no other choice you can create a PDF from a printed document using the school's Toshiba scanner.

Here's how:

  1. Find a flash drive.
  2. Take it to the Toshiba scanner.
  3. Scan the printed document and save the resulting PDF file to your flash drive.
  4. Take the flash drive back to your computer and plug it into a USB port.
  5. Transfer the PDF from the flash drive to your computer.

Disadvantages of scanned PDFs

  1. The PDF is black and white, not color.
  2. The file is an image PDF, not a text PDF. As a result, the PDF will be larger than necessary and people who get it won't be able to highlight the text for copying and pasting from the PDF to other documents.

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