Question: How can I create a PDF file on a Mac?


PDF files are created by converting a document to PDF format.

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Double-click the document to open it in whichever program you used to create it (typically Microsoft Word).  
2 Choose menu choice File -> Print.  
3 From the PDF drop-down menu, choose Save as PDF....  
4 Specify where to save the PDF file. We suggest saving the PDF file in the same folder as the original document.
5 The PDF file is now ready to upload to your website. For uploading instructions, see the Lockers and uploading section.

Scanning a printed document

You can also create a PDF from a printed document and then transfer it to your Mac. Scan a printed document on the school's Toshiba scanner and save the resulting PDF file to a flash drive. You can then transfer the PDF from the flash drive to your computer.

The results aren't as good as the method above. For details see How can I create a PDF file from a printed document?.

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