Question: How do I arrange pages in folders?


When you reorder the pages in your web page menu you can also reorder the folders, move pages into folders, and move pages out of folders.

To add a page to a folder

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Click the Reorder Pages button while editing your home page.  
2 To add a page to a folder, either drag it to a specific position among the pages or drop it on the folder itself, which will make it last in the folder. You'll see a "ghost image" of the page name as you drag it. Don't release the mouse until the page is where you want it.  
3 To move a page out of a folder, drag it to a position in the main list or into another folder.    
4 To change the order of pages or folders, drag them up or down.    
5 There's a flaw in the School Loop design that prevents you from moving a page to be last in the menu. If you want a page to be last, drag and drop it so it's next-to-last. Then drag the page that's below it up, until the order is as you want it.    

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