Question: How do I delete a web page folder?


StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Click the Reorder Pages button while editing your home page.  
2 Check if the folder you want to delete has any web pages in it, because you can't delete a folder if it has pages in it. In this example we want to delete the Honors Science 7 folder but it has a Calendar page in it.
If there are pages in the folder proceed to Step 3. If there are no pages, skip to Step 4.
3 Drag all pages out of the folder you want to delete, into your main section or into another folder.
Notice how the Delete buttons change when we drag the Calendar page into the Science 7 folder.
4 Click the Delete button next to the folder you want to delete.  
5 Click OK when it asks you for confirmation.    

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