Question: When should I post news?


Post news or information for your students whenever it will be useful to them or their parents.

You can post news in a News element on your web page, where the most recent news will always appear first and older news will gradually move to a separate page. News that's important enough to appear on your web page permanently should be put in a Rich Text element instead.

Items in the News section of your web page also have starting and ending dates that control when they appear on your web page.

Example: Suppose there's a quiz on Friday November 18 and you want to remind students about it all week. Add a news item with a starting date of Monday November 14 and an ending date of Friday November 18. You don't have to wait until November 14 to add the news item; add it whenever you think of it. It won't appear on your web page until November 14. After November 18 you don't have to remove it from your web page since it will disappear from the News display automatically.

If you want a news item to start appearing right now, use today's date as the starting date. That's the default when you add a news item.

If you want a news item to stay in your News section for the entire semester or the entire school year, set the ending date to the end of the semester (e.g., February 5) or the end of the school year (e.g., June 30).

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