Question: Should I use my LAUSD email or my personal email?


The email address in your School Loop account settings is used by School Loop when people use the message system to send you a message. If you reply to the parent by email, that's the email address from which they'll receive your message. The parent may then contact you at that email address in the future.

School Loop also emails you if you lose your School Loop login password and ask to have it reset.

We recommend that you use your LAUSD email address for School Loop as long as you don't mind checking for email on that account regularly. If you check your personal email regularly and your LASUD email rarely, your personal email address may be the best choice to use with your School Loop account.

Using your LAUSD email account to email parents makes it most clear that you are acting in your professional capacity as a teacher, and not inviting them to be your personal friend and email you anytime about anything.

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