Question: How do parents and students send me messages?


Parents and students can send you messages using the School Loop message system. Here are the steps they take:

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 They go to your web page and click the Send me a message link. Please don't remove that link from your web page. Removing it won't prevent parents from sending messages, just make it less convenient for them.
2 They are taken to the Teachers page. Other pages on the Palms website have contact information and links for administrators, counselors, and other staff members.
3 They click the envelope icon next to your name. Clicking your name instead of the envelope icon will take them back to your web page. This is a common mistake when trying to send a message.
4 They fill in the Contact form. The text labeled "Brief Subject" becomes the subject of the email you receive.
5 They click the Submit button.  
6 School Loop emails you their message. The message will come to you from

The extra From and Subject fields above the message show you the information filled in by the parent or student.
7 If you choose to reply by email, make sure to put the parent or child's email address (e.g., or Jane Doe <>) in the To field.

Don't simply click Reply since the reply will go to School Loop!
Even better:
If you reply to School Loop by mistake, you'll think that you replied to the parent or student.

Meanwhile, they will wonder why you never replied.

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