Question: What should I do routinely?


What you put on your website is up to you, but these suggestions may be helpful.

At the start of each school year:

  1. Make sure your subject and room number are correct.
  2. Update your class schedule.
  3. Change any information that applies only to a previous school year.
  4. Update any documents in your download list or locker that change each year.
  5. If you plan to use your Calendar page, add any known events.
  6. Review each other page on your website.
  7. Do the "once in a while" steps below.

At least once in a while:

  1. Add any missing information.
  2. Remove any obsolete information.
  3. Update your wishlist, if posted, to reflect what you currently need.
  4. Test links and correct them if necessary.

As often as you like:

  1. Post news.
  2. Post assignment or homework information.
  3. Update your Calendar page.
  4. Update any resource links or downloads that you provide for your students.
  5. Add photos, slideshows, or videos.

Annual Cleanup by Neil Cuadra

Neil does a summer update of the entire Palms website. Among the updates he may make to teacher websites:

  1. Remove unused page elements (usually empty Rich Text elements).
  2. Fix text formatting problems, including removing extraneous leading paragraph breaks.
  3. Add or correct links to pages on the main Palms website.
  4. Update links to LAUSD pages that have moved.
  5. Fix other broken links if he knows what the problem is.
  6. Add the left-column menu if it's missing from a page.
  7. Remove duplicate calendars.
  8. Change URL-only links to website name links, especially if URLs are overly long for their column.
One-time changes in Summer 2015:
  1. Add websites for teachers who have joined Palms.
  2. Remove websites for teachers who have left Palms.
  3. Remove leftover Preferred Actitivy Class (PAC) lines from schedule tables.
  4. Enable the "Hide news module if no news is posted" feature on news elements.
  5. Add a link to a teacher's non-School Loop website, if that's what they use.
  6. Change the obsolete LAUSDnet Kids link to LAUSD Just for Kids.

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