Question: What if I forget my Login Name or password?


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1 Go to the Palms home page.  
2 Click the Staff Login button at the bottom of the page. If the button is not there, you are logged in and can click Account Management.
3 Click the Forgot password? link.  
4 Fill in the email address associated with your School Loop account.

If you don't remember which email address it is, fill in your Login Name (first initial and last name).
If you forgot your password, your Login Name, and your email address, contact Neil Cuadra or an assistant principal.
5 You will receive email telling you your Login Name and a new but temporary password. If you don't get the email, try these steps again. If you don't get it again, contact Neil Cuadra (system administrator) or an Assistant Principal.

The message says but you can go to our "friendlier" address:
6 Go back to the Palms home page and log in using the temporary password. You'll be prompted to pick a new password, which you must enter twice. Passwords must be at least 6 characters and have at least one digit. Pick a password that you can remember but that isn't easy for others to guess. Combining two unrelated words, e.g. "flipflop73dessert", will produce a safer password than a single word. A password like "abc123" is too easily guessed.

The safest password is a long strings with no words or patterns, which you'd have to record somewhere so you can remember it. Some people use a program called a Password Manager to keep track of their passwords and allow them to use very safe passwords like wAuv3aDs9Yi4Grud.

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