Question: How do I change my School Loop email address?


School Loop uses the email address in your account settings when parents or other people use the Palms website to send you a message. In other words, when a parent sends you a message School Loop delivers the message to whichever email address you have specified in your School Loop account settings. School Loop also uses the email address in your account settings if you lose your login password.

For both reasons, it's important that your School Loop account specify a valid email address that you use.

When you change your email address you'll be able to change other profile information, so we describe the other information as well.

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Go to your porgal page.  
2 Click the Gear icon at the top right.  
3 Click the Go button under Account Management.  
4 Edit the information:
  • Name and Login Name: We suggest that you leave them as they are. Note: If you want the name on your website changed from "Ms." to "Mrs.", you can't change it here. Instead, contact Neil Cuadra or an assistant principal.
  • Phone and Phone Extension. Leave these blank; they aren't used and they "mess up" the Teachers page on the main website!
  • Position: the title shown on the Teachers page on the main website, e.g., Teacher or Math Teacher or Teacher and Title I Coordinator.
  • Email address: the email address to which School Loop should send
    1. messages submitted by students and parents who use the message form.
    2. a new password if you forget your login password.
Most teachers use their LAUSD email address since that's the email address they prefer to use when replying to parents, but you can choose another email address, such as a private email address, if you prefer.
School Loop shows the word (Private!) under your email address because it will not appear on the website. However, parents will know your email address if you reply to their messages by email.
5 Click the Submit button.  

See also Should I use my LAUSD email or my personal email? in the Messages and email section.

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