Question: What are lockers?


A locker is a collection of files stored on your School Loop account. School Loop calls it your resource locker but you can think of it as a folder that's stored on your website behind the scenes.

Your locker can hold any kinds of files, but the most common are PDF files and Microsoft Word documents. Other types of files you can put in your locker include text files, spreadsheets, images, and even audio files.

Locker folders

Within your locker, you can put of your all files, intermixed, or you can organize your files into locker folders (folders within the main folder). By defaut, your account has two locker folders named Assignments and Handouts but you can rename them, remove them, or create your own folders to keep your files organized.

Using your locker files

The files you put in your locker can be used in two ways:

  1. Using a Locker page element, you can put the entire locker on one of your web pages. Students and parents will see all of the files or folders in the locker and can click a folders to open it or click a file to download it.

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  2. Using Rich Text elements anywhere on your web pages, you can put individual links that download individual files from your locker. Students and parents will see whatever clickable text you specify and can click to download each file.

Choice #1 is faster to set up but confusing for students and parents, as well as being rather ugly looking. Choice #2, which we recommend, takes a little more time to set up on your web page but it easier students and parents to use, and better looking. See Should I put a locker on my web page? for the full comparison.

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