Question: Should I upload photos, clipart, and other images to my locker?


Usually not. You would upload images to your locker only when you wanted to put links to download them on your web pages. Here are two cases where you might do that:

  1. You have a very high-resolution photo in a file that's too big to display on your web page.
  2. You scanned a printed document, producing a set of image files with pictures of the document's pages.

In these cases, follow the same directions as you would for any other downloadable file, to upload the files to your locker and put links to them on your website. See How do I upload a document?Lockers and uploading section and How do I make a link download a file? in the Links section.

More commonly, you want your photos, clipart, drawings, pictures, and other images to display directly on your web page. In such cases you don't upload them to your locker; you use other upload methods. For details, see What are the three ways to put images on my web pages? and What are albums? in the Photos, clipart, images section.

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