Question: How do I use my locker?


There are two ways to use your locker:

  1. To store uploaded files. This is necessary if you want to have downloadable files on your website. See How do I upload a document? in the Documents and files section.
  2. For a Locker element on one of your web pages. We don't recommend this use of lockers (see Should I put a locker on my web page?) but the choice is yours. The instructions are below.

Using a locker element on your web page

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Organize your locker to match the groups of files you plan to upload and make available for downloading.

See Can I reoganize my locker?
2 Add a Locker element to your web page.

See How do I add a page element? in the Page elements section.
3 Click the pencil icon above the Locker element.  
4 In the locker Edit window, fill in the title for the locker display, and select whether it should display the entire locker or a particular locker folder.  
5 Click the Save & Exit button. If you change your mind, click the Cancel button instead.
6 Once you publish your updated web page, people will see your locker or locker folder on your web page. Any files you put in your locker will appear there automatically.  

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