Question: How do I make a link to an email address?


You can make any text in a Rich Text element link to an email address. When people click on the text their email program will start a new message addressed to that email address. They can then type a Subject and a message and click Send.

Avoid linking to personal email addresses. We suggest that you not put links to the email addresses of teachers, other staff members, individuals such as school volunteers, or to your own email address. There's already a way for students and parents to email you or any teacher, using the envelope icons on the Teachers page, and putting an email address on a website can attract junk email (spam). For parent volunteers it's better to put a name and phone number. Rather than linking to someone's email address, consider linking to a page where their contact information already appears e.g., the Teachers page or your own web page. That way it's up to them what method to suggest for contacting them.

Not recommended:

To sign up, email Mr. Pull at or parent volunteer Selena Butler at


To sign up, contact Mr. Pull using his web page or phone parent volunteer Selena Butler at 424-555-6789.

It's fine to link to a public or business email address. For example, you might link to while telling families how to get information about the California Science Center.


For information about the California Science Center, send a message to

Even better:

For information, email the California Science Center.

Best of all:

For information see the California Science Center Contact page.
StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Select the "clickable text." That's what we'll call the text that you want people to click on.

In this example we'll make the text "email the LAUSD Superintendent" link to the Superintendent's email address.
2 Click the Link icon.  
3 The Links window will appear.  
4 Click on the Mail To tab.  
5 Enter the email address you want to link to. Copying and pasting the email address from an Address Book or other source will help you avoid typos.
6 Click the Submit button. If you change your mind, click the X in the top right corner.
7 The clickable text will now be an email link.  
8 Once you publish your updated web page, people who click the link will be able to send email to the address you specified.  

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