Question: Can I use my School Loop account from home?


Yes. You can use your School Loop account to update your website from anywhere you have Internet access: at school, at home, at a public library, or even using the wi-fi at Starbucks!

All you need is a computer, Internet access, and a web browser:


If you have dial-up service at home, you may sometimes have trouble uploading photos or documents. The session may "hang" or "stall." Sometimes the editing screen won't display properly when you click a pencil icon to edit the texton a page. You may prefer to do your uploading at school.

If you have high-speed DSL or cable Internet service at home, the reverse is true. You'll probably get better performance from home than at school. During periods of high activity, such as the first week of school, the LAUSD network at school may not be able to provide enough capacity for good performance.

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