Question: What is School Loop?


School Loop is a commercial business, created by a teacher, that hosts websites for schools and school districts. Palms Middle School is one of their customers. School Loop is approved by the LAUSD Learning, Communications & Web Services Branch.

The Palms website, at, has both of the following:

SectionSection is maintained by
The main website, with information about Palms and its academic and enrichment programs, plus news, events, school rules, other facts about the school, and information about Friends of Palms and how to contact the school.

The home page is the most-often-viewed page on the main website.
School administrators and Friends of Palms. Neil Cuadra is webmaster.
A website for each teacher, with information for his or her students and their parents. You!

The purpose of your website is to let your students and their parents read, see, or download information or pictures you post for them. What you put there is up to you.

The purpose of your School Loop account is to let you log in, update your web page, and log out, whenever you have information to post. Students and their parents then see the results.

School Loop Standard vs. School Loop Plus

We are using School Loop Standard, which lets us manage the Palms website and gives each teacher a web page. This Staff Help website covers the features of School Loop Standard.

We are not using School Loop Plus, which supports student/parent email, student information and grade management, and seating charts. You may see mentions of School Loop Plus if you read School Loop's own "Help" screens, but those features don't apply to us. For example, the School Loop documentation refers to accounts for parents, a feature we don't have. That's why you should use this self-built Staff Site for answers to your questions.

Even though our School Loop account doesn't support grade management, Palms teachers can post student grades using a separate website set up by Friends of Palms.

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