Question: Where are the grades posted?


Friends of Palms, the school booster club, pays for a grades website at so that all teachers can post grades. Each teacher has his or her own web page for grades. This is separate from their main teacher page at

Your teacher web page has a web page address (URL) of the form

and your grades web page has an address of the form

where illll is your first initial and last name.

For example, here are Mr. Sam Pull's two web pages:

Teacher web page access, use School Loop)
Grades web page access, use the file-uploading instructions in this section)

Once you have a grades web page set up you should put a link to it on your teacher web page, e.g.,

You can tell students and parents your web page addresses in handouts, by email, or in person. Each time they go to your grades web page they'll see the grades as of the last time that you updated them.

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