Question: What four steps are required before I can upload grades?


There are four steps required to set up your computer so you can upload grades to your grades website:

  1. Set grades passwords for your students.
  2. Get a grades web page and a password to access it.
  3. Get a file-uploading program, set it up and test it.
  4. Put a grades link on your teacher page on the Palms website.

For the details see the other questions in this section.

Each step requires a number of sub-steps but you need to do them only once. Afterwards, the procedure for uploading grades is simple so you can upload the latest grades to your grades web page whenever you want.

If the setup steps are more than you want to do yourself, contact Neil Cuadra for help with the setup on your computer. To contact Neil Cuadra go to the main page and see the box on the top right.

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