Question: How do I put a Grades link on my teacher page?


Once you have done the setup for uploading grades, and have uploaded them at least once, you should update your main teacher web page on the Palms website, to add a link to your grades page. That way, students and teachers can follow the link from a page they already visit, and they won't have to remember yet another website address.

How do I make a link to a web page?
StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Log into your School Loop account and click on your name to go to your web page. See these related questions:

• How do I log into School Loop?

• What are the basic steps to editing my web page?
2 Decide where you want to put the text about grades.

To have it appear in a block of text that you already have on your web page, click the pencil icon above that text.

To have it appear in a new text element, click a "plus" sign and pick "Rich Text Editor".
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3 Type the text you want to have appear on your web page. Example:
Checking Your Grades

You can check grades on my grades page. To view your grades, select the class period, enter your last name and grades password, and then click the "View Report" button. Students can get their password from me in class. Parents can get their child's password in conference.
4 Select the text that should be a link to your grades page. In our example above, select my grades page in the first sentence.  
5 Click the Link icon.  
6 Click the WWW tab and fill in the address where illll is your first initial and last name.

Uncheck the Open link in new window checkbox.

Then click the Submit button.
7 Click the Save & Exit button to save the text, see if your page is the way you want it, and then click the Publish button to put the updated page on your website.  
8 When students and parents click the "my grades page" link they'll be taken to your grades web page.  

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