Question: How does grade-posting work?


Each teacher can upload grades from their Easy Grade Pro gradebook to a grades web page that's been set up for you. You can use any computer that has your gradebook, Easy Grade Pro, and Internet access, at school or at home. Students and/or parents can then review the student's grades.

You can update the grades on your grades web page as often as you like. Passwords are used to limit who can see the grades.

Here's what you do to update grades on your grades web page:

  1. Use menu choices in Easy Grade Pro to create files on your hard disk that have the latest student grades in a web format.
  2. Use a file-uploading program to copy the files from your computer's hard disk to your grades web page.

Here's what students or parents do:

  1. Go to your grades web page.
  2. Fill in the class, name, and their assigned password.
  3. Review the student's grades.

Before any of this can happen, you need to set up a file-transfer program on your computer.

For details on all of these steps, see the other pages in this section and in the Setup for Grade Uploading section.

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