Question: How do I set up for emailing grades to parents or students?


Emailing grades to parents or students is an alternative to posting them on your grades web page. You can do either or both.

You need to do the steps below only once. They tell Easy Grade Pro how to send email. After these steps are done, see Once I'm set up, how do I email grades to parents or students? for the instructions to follow each time you want to email grades to a parent or student.

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Launch Easy Grade Pro on your gradebook and click the @ icon or choose menu choice File -> Email/Internet. On a Mac:

On a PC:

If you have Easy Grade Pro 4.1 or later, you need to hold down the option key (Macintosh) or ALT key (Windows PC) while you click the @ icon or choose from the menu in order to enable the reporting options you need.
2 a. Set the "Action" to Email Student Reports.

b. Click the Options tab below it.

c. Scroll down to the Email Setup section. If it's closed, open it by clicking the triangle.

d. Set Teacher Email to your LAUSD email address.

e. Set Teacher Name for Email to your name the way you want parents or students to see it when you send them email. Example: Mr. Jones or Mr. Frank Jones or Frank Jones.

f. Set SMTP (email) Server to

g. Check SMTP Server requires authentication.

h. Set Account ID to your LAUSD email address.

i. Set Password to your LAUSD email password.

j. Check Batch emails to avoid spam-blocking.

k. Set Emails in batch to 5.

l. Set Delay between batches to 5 sec.

m. Set Default @domain for incomplete email addresses to Don't forget the leading @ sign.
You can't use a non-LAUSD email address for the Account ID.

However, if you prefer to use a non-LAUSD email address to receive email from parents, you can change the Teacher Email field to your other email address, e.g., a gmail address. Leave all other settings as they are.
3 Save your settings.   Easy Grade Pro will remember these settings on this computer.
4 Review the Easy Grade Pro settings for students for whom you might want to email grades. The email address to which they will be sent must be filled into the student's information so that Easy Grade Pro will know where to send the messages. In this example, the Email Address 1 field is yet to be filled in.

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