Question: What is Easy Grade Pro?


Easy Grade Pro is a software program for managing student grades. It can also be used to track attendance or maintain a seating chart. It runs on both Windows PCs and Macintosh computers and is used by most teachers at Palms. It is not part of the LAUSD Student Information Service (SIS).

Easy Grade Pro lets you enter, compute, and display student grades and to generate reports that you can display on the screen, print, email, or upload to a password-protected website for viewing by students and their parents.

The software was developed by Orbis Software, which was acquired by Edline in 2007.

Easy Grade Pro at Palms

Palms Middle School has a site license for Easy Grade Pro version 4.0. This means that as a Palms teacher you can install the software and use it on any computer you have at school or at home, no matter who owns the computer. We're considering getting a site license for Easy Grade Pro version 4.1.

If you need a copy of Easy Grade Pro installed on your computer, click Ask for Help and submit a support request. Our tech support aide has the software and the license key for installation.

Getting Help with Easy Grade Pro

If you need help using Easy Grade Pro, you can

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