Question: How do I put files on my website?


The answer depends on the type of file and whether you want it to be displayed directly on a web page or downloaded when students or parents click a link.

Files to be displayed

Photos, clipart, drawings, pictures, and other images can be displayed directly on your website if they are in a suitable image format: JPEG (extention .jpg or .jpeg), GIF (extenstion .gif), or PNG (extension .png). If they are another format (e.g, BMP or TIFF), you should open them in an image editor and save them as a .jpg, .gif, or .png file.

These images files can be displayed using a Picture element, a Slideshow element, or a Rich Text element. For details see What are the three ways to put images on my web pages? in the Photos, clipart, images section.

Files to be downloaded

Any type of file, up to 20MB, can be put in your locker and made availabe for downloadeding. These include:

For instructions, see How do I upload a document? in the Lockers and uploading section and How do I make a link download a file? in the Links section.

Keep in mind that students and parents can't use a file unless they have the appropriate software to open it. Almost everyone can display text files and PDF files. But if you put a download link for a Microsoft Word document on your website, students and parents will need to have one of these installed: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, or a Microsoft-Word-document-viewing program.

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