Question: What are the icons on the editing page?


Icon, button, or linkDescription
The pencil icon is used to edit a page element.
  • When the page element contains only a single item (a block of text, a photo, a slideshow, etc.), the pencil icon is used to edit the title and the content, i.e., what appears in the rectangle.
  • When the page element contains a list of items (e.g., news or assignments), the pencil icon is used to edit only the title and the overall display style, e.g., how many news items are displayed in the news list, but not to edit the items in the list (e.g., the news).
The trash-can icon is used to delete a page element.

The plus-sign icon is used to insert a new page element: a text element, a photo element, etc.

Plus-sign bars appear above, in between, and below all other page elements, making it possible to insert a new page element anywhere on the page.
The colored bar containing the pencil and trash icons is also used to rearrange page elements, by dragging the bar and dropping it on one of the plus-sign bars. You may have to make your web browser window wider than usual to make this work.
Add buttons are used to add items to a page element that contains a collection or list.

The Add Assignment button it used to add a new assignment to an Assignment page element.
Caution: Due to poor interface design by School Loop, the button to add a news item to a News element is named Publish instead of Add News.

The Publish button you see at the top of a news element does not publish anything; it creates a news item for you to fill in.
The Add button on the left side of your Resources page is used to add a picture (photo, clipart, graphic, etc.) to one of your picture albums.
The Add drop-down on the right side of your Resources page is used to add a new uploaded file to your locker, or to add a new locker folder to your locker.
The Edit button is used to edit an item in a list, e.g., an indivdiual news item.

The Delete button is used to delete an item from a list, e.g., an individual news item or an individual assignment.

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