Question: What are page elements?


Page elements are rectangles in which you put the pieces of your web page content. One page element could contain text, another a photo, another a list of news items, another a calendar, and another a slide show or video.

The page elements for text, called "rich text elements," are the most versatile. Like a document in a word processor, they can contain words, headings, lists, tables, and embedded pictures. The text can include hypertext links, i.e., words or phrases that site visitors can click to go to other pages, as well as links to download files.

When you are editing a web page the page elements are shown in rectangles with dotted line borders.

The pencil and trash-can icons at the top of each page element are used to edit the content of the page element or to set its display features.

The plus-sign icons let you insert new page elements above, between, or below the existing page elements.

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