Question: Do people see my web page change as I edit the page?

Answer: There are two cases to consider:

1. For the text and pictures on your web page

No. There are two copies of your web page: the "live" page that students, parents, and other visitors see, and the "edit" page that you can work on.

Students, parents, and site visitors do not see changes you make to the text, pictures, links, and downloads on your web pages while you are editing them, until you decide you are happy with how the page turned out and click the Publish button. When you click the Publish button, the changes you've made to the page are sent to your "live" website and become visible to all of your website visitors.

If, instead, you are unhappy with the editing you made, click the Cancel button and site visitors will never see the changes you made. The changes will be discarded by School Loop and your "live" page will remain unchanged.

If you don't click "Publish" or "Cancel", the changes you've made stay on your edit page and you can continue editing at any time, even after you log out and log back in again. Site visitors still won't see the changes until you publish them.

2. For news, assignments, and your calendar

Yes. When you add individual news items, work assignments, or calendar events, they have their own Publish buttons. Once you click their Publish button the item appears on your news list, assignment list, or calendar on your "live" web page, even if other changes to your web page (text an pictures) have not yet been published.

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