Question: What does it mean to publish my web page?


Publishing means making something public. You publish the changes you have made to a web page or to an item (like a calendar event) on your web page.

When you edit your web page, you are editing a copy of the "live" page that students and parents see on the Palms website. While you are editing nobody but you sees the changes you make to the layout, to text, and to photos and slideshows.

When you are done editing your web page, you can save the "draft" page for more editing later, cancel all of the changes you've made, or click the Publish button to copy your newly edited page to the live copy on your website. (Use the Publish button, not the Copy button.) Students and parents will then see the changed page.

After you click Publish and your page has been published, you will see this message at the top of the page:

The lists of news items, assignments, and calendar events on your web pages don't depend on when you publish your entire web page. Each individual news item, assignment, and calendar event has its own Publish button that updates that item on your live website.

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