Question: How do I preview my web page before I publish it?


There is no way to preview news, assignments, and calendar events before publishing them, but you can get a "sneak peak" at an entire web page before publishing it.

After you have edited text and pictures on a web page, you can see what it will look like on your "live" website before you publish it, by clicking the Preview Draft button at the top of the page. You can also see a live view of your current page (without any of your new editing) by clicking the Live View button.

When you click either button, a new window opens in your web browser (or a new tab if you have your web browser set to use tabs instead of windows). After you look at the draft preview or live page close the new window or tab to return to your editing. If you leave the other window open, you may become confused about which page is which!

Below are three web browser windows for comparison

On the left: The Edit Window In the middle: The Live View On the right: The Draft Preview
You can tell it's the editing window by the editing icons.

The teacher has added a telescope graphic in the right column. You can tell which part of the page has changed by the orange banner above the telescope.
Notice that the telescope does not appear because the teacher hasn't published the page.

This is what students and parents see on the website right now.
The telescope appears. This is how the page will look once it is published.

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