Question: How do I name my web pages?


Each page has a name (title). You'll be prompted for the name when you create the page:

Caution: You should leave the URL Name blank, except for your home page, which already has the URL assigned. The reason is that a name you fill in may conflict with another page on the Palms website. The names are not unique to each teacher but must be unique across the entire Palms website. For example, if you give your calendar page a URL Name of "Calendar" then parents may end up on your calendar page when they try to go to the school calendar!
If it's especially important that one of your new web pages have its own web adddress, use a URL Name that begins with your first initial and last name, e.g., "spull-science-fair". People will then be able to go directly to the page using an address like

Your list of web pages

Your first web page is called your "home" page. Its name is your name, and only a system administrator can change it. If you want your title to be Mrs. instead of Ms., ask Neil Cuadra or an Assistant Principal to change it for you.

Your second web page is your calendar, with the obvious name: Calendar.

There are no other web pages by default but you are welcome to add as many as you like, with whatever names you like.

To change the name of a page, click the Properties button next to the page title.


In this example, Mr. Pull (our sample teacher) has three web pages:

Palms Home Page           Teachers Page           Staff Site