Question: How do I design my web page?


You can think of your page as a blank canvas. The menu of web pages will always be at the top left. That's the "navigation" area.

The rest of the page consists of "page elements". Each of them is a rectangle as short or as tall as you want. Imagine what you would like in each rectangle: text, a picture, a chart, a slideshow, a video, etc. With School Loop you are the website artist!

You can also choose the column arrangement. There is always a narrow column on the left, for the menu of web pages. You can decide what to have to its right: a wider middle column and a narrower right column, one wide column, or two even columns. (There are also corresponding versions without the left-side menu, but we recommend against using them since your site visitors won't be able to navigate from the page.)

Don't worry that you have to make so many desicions starting from scratch. We've established a standard (default) layout for a teacher's main web page and calendar page. When you first got your School Loop account your web pages were already set up for you this way.

You are welcome to change the layout if you have a preference, but keep in mind that it helps parents navigate among teacher's pages if they are based on the standard layout.

If you add additional pages to your website the design of those pages is up to you.

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