Question: How do I set the column layout?


You can pick a column layout for each of your web pages.

The choicees are:

  1. Menu to the left, then a wide column and a narrow column
  2. Menu to the left, then one wide column
  3. Menu to the left, then two evenly spaced columns

To set a page's column layout:

StepInstructionsExample or PictureNotes
1 Click the Properties button next to the page title.  
2 Select one of the three choices in the top row ("Templates with Navigation"). Do not pick one of the three choices in the bottom row ("Templates for Dead-end Pages").

They make the page confusing for website visitors since they can't click to go back to your home page when the menu is missing.
3 Click the Submit button. If you change your mind about changing the column layout, click the Cancel button instead.

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