Question: How do I use multiple calendars?


Each teacher website starts out with one home page and one calendar page, but if you want to you can use multiple calendars on your website. For example, you might have one calendar per class or one per subject that you teach, to show the specific schedule and assignments for that period or subject.

The advantage of using multiple calendars is that you can put separate calendar events on each calendar. The disadvantage is that maintaining multiple calendars can be more work than maintaining a single calendar for everyone and everything.

You have to be aware of a rule of the School Loop system:

Calendars on your website are distinct from calendars in subfolders, and calendars in different subfolders are distinct from each other.

Conversely, calendars that are not in subfolders are copies of the same calendar.

This rule is not affected by the way you display your calendars (as monthly calendars, weekly calendars, or daily calendars).


The following teacher website has one calendar page.

The following teacher website has two calendar pages, but they have copies of the same calendar. An event you put on one calendar page will show up on the other calendar page too.

The following teacher website has two distinct calendar pages, which can have separate events.

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