Question: How do I add a calender event?


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1 Log into your website and click Calendar in the list of pages on the left.

Your calendar web page will be displayed.
2 At the top right of your calendar page, click the Add Events drop-down and choose General Event. Even though the current month is shown on your calendar web page, you can add events that take place in any month.
3 You will see the New Event page.

Fill in the Date and Title.

Either check All Day Event (which simply means "no specific time") or set the Start Time and End Time.

Fill in the optional Location and Description fields if you want to use them. You can use the rich text controls (bold, italics, lists, indenting, etc.) in the Description box.

Ignore the Audience and Enable Discussion checkboxes.

You can fill in the Repeat section at the bottom of the page if you want the event to appear on the calendar every day or every week until a certain ending date.
The little icon next to the Date field is a pop-up mini-calendar.

The most common mistake made when adding calendar events is clicking the Homepage (submit for approval) checkbox, which tells School Loop that you want the event on the main school calendar rather than on the calendar on your own website.

It should not look like this:

4 If you want to attach a downloadable document to the calendar event, click the Attach File button. Specify the file name to display and browse to the location of the file to be uploaded.

Unfortunately, School Loop doesn't let you attach a file that is in your locker; to attach it to a calendar event you have to upload it again.

If you change your mind about attaching a file, click the Cancel button instead.
5 If you want to link the event to a web page, click the Post Link button and specify the link name and the web page address (URL).

If you want to link to a page on the main Palms website or to one of your own web pages, display that web page in another web browser window, copy the URL into the clipboard, and paste it after you click the Post Link button.

If you change your mind about linking to a web page, click the Cancel button instead.
6 Click the Publish button.

The new event will appear on your calendar. You can hover the cursor over the event title to see the event details (location, description, etc.)

If you change your mind, click the Cancel button instead.

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