Question: What are assignments?


Assignments are a special type of calendar event used by teachers. They differ from general calendar events because they have assigned dates, due dates, and a few other fields specific to assignments. Assignments appear on the calendar on their due date (not the date they are assigned).

To show homework assignments, term papers, or other work that has a due date you can choose whether to use an assignment or general events. Assignments are most appropriate if you want them shown on their due dates. If you want your calendar to show both the date that work is assigned and the date it is due, you should use a pair of general events, e.g., Report on Chapter 6 assigned and Report on Chapter 6 due, rather than an assignment, e.g., Report on Chapter 6. See the Calendars section for more information about general calendar events.

Each assignment event can have any of the following information:

Only the Assign Date, Due Date, Assignment, and Category are required.


Calendar page as a student would see it, with an assignment closeup:

Assignment summary, which students see if they click on the assignment:

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